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M&A and Capital Markets for Cybersecurity, Blockchain and FinTech
Debt Financing for Projects and Companies Worldwide


Bexis Capital LLC., is an independent Investment Bank located in Washington, DC.  We have two niche areas of practice:

  • M&A Advisory and Capital Markets services for Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Fintech companies

  • Debt Financing for Projects and Companies Worldwide

Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Fintech

We believe that blockchain will ultimately disrupt business as we know it, that cybersecurity is foundational in terms of protecting our privacy and information in the face of increasing threats, and that fintech at its best, democratizes, and helps cure inequities in the global financial system.​

Debt Financing

Bexis works with companies located worldwide to provide flexible, alternative debt financing to optimize the capital structure and achieve the lowest cost of capital.  We have served many companies located outside of the United States in funding projects such as real estate and manufacturing plants.  Bexis selects the right capital provider for:

  • Acquisition Financing

  • Asset Based Lending (ABL)

  • Second Lien

  • Unitranche

  • Subordinated Debt


Bexis Capital


M&A Advisory: Whether your company is a buyer or a seller, we will combine our deep sector expertise with superior transaction execution skills, and our network of strategic and financial relationships to achieve your goals.  

​Capital Markets: We are focused on securing debt and/or equity capital for privately owned companies. 

Debt Finance: We specialize in procuring debt for companies or projects, including those located outside of the United States.  We access our network of private credit lenders to obtain the best terms for our clients.

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We make it our mission to understand your company and your specific needs.  Bexis Capital will analyze with you the options for a debt or equity raise, sale, merger, joint venture, partnership, or project finance.  Together we will decide on the best path forward, and how we can help you get there.


Our M&A Process

We will complete a thorough analysis of your company’s financial information and business plan and we will develop a clear merger or acquisition strategy.  In the process, we will get to know your company very well.

Together, we will define the purpose of the transaction(s) and set criteria such as financial thresholds, product fit, customer base, geographic location, among other key points that may be important to you.

We will determine if your company would benefit from alliances, partnerships, or a joint venture with a strategic partner.

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Our Capital Markets Process​

Pre-Seed • Seed Round • Bridge Series A • Series A • All Pre-IPO Rounds • Going Public Advisory Acquisition Equity  • SPACs •Alternative Capital Growth Vehicles 

Our Capital Markets process begins in much the same way as our M&A: we will get to know your company by doing a “deep dive” into the financial statements and business plan.  Based on our analysis, and considering your goals, we will determine the best possible strategy for the raise; we will determine whether debt or equity, or a combination of these, is the best option.

We will issue your company’s debt or equity securities privately, as unregistered securities, accessing venture capital, private equity, family offices and high net worth individual (HNWI) investors worldwide.

Unless we are only targeting non-US investors, we will be using SEC Regulation D, which provides your company with an exemption from registration.  Under this “safe harbor” exemption, the issuer is protected from liability in connection with the placement, as long as the requirements are met.

Our goal at Bexis is to be a long-term partner in your company’s trajectory.

Our Debt Financing Process

Acquisition Finance • Asset Based Lending • Second Lien • Subordinated Debt •Unitranche

By striking the optimal balance between cost an functionality, Bexis will support you and your company in optimizing your capital structure and achieve a balance between cost and flexibility.

  • Acquisition Financing: the benefits of an acquisition can be significant. Let us help you analyze your alternatives and help you finance it.

  • Asset Based Lending (ABL): asset based loans are secured by the company's assets: equipment, machinery, inventory, real estate, and in some cases, intellectual property.

  • Second Lien: these are senior loans that often defer the bulk of the principal payment until the end of the term.

  • Subordinated Debt: typically mezzanine loans that are interest only, non-amortized securities that have a single principal payment due at maturity, usually 5-7 years.

  • Unitranche: Capital structures may include multi-tiered debt obligations from two or more institutions, but with unitranche debt, the loan structure is blended to create a single tier senior loan.


There are no templates for the ideal capital structure, and the range of options may be overwhelming.  At Bexis we structure every transaction to optimize the capital structure and achieve the lowest cost of funding.

Achieve Your Goals

With years of business experience, we have the capabilities and expertise to close on your company’s transaction and make your goals a reality. In collaboration with your team, we will develop all necessary valuations, presentations, marketing strategy, materials, and negotiation, to consummate the transaction.  We combine our deep industry knowledge and our relationships with investors to optimally execute on the raise.


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